Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV

premium winter tire built for Northern comfort and stability

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Northern comfort and stability

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV Nordic winter tire is designed for high-performance sport utility vehicles, providing enjoyable driving feel and much-needed stability. The non-studded Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV comes with Aramid Sidewalls, which protect the tire from impacts and cuts, offering drivers more durability and peace of mind.

Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use
Certified braking on icy surfaces
Certified braking on icy surfaces
Suitable for EV cars
Suitable for EV cars
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Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV

User opinions

Rated 4.6 based on 93 customer reviews

Excellent snow tire!

Markway007 • 19 months ago

I bought these for winter driving in the mountains and snowy conditions in Colorado for my Infiniti EX35. I’m used to driving on snow and ice, and these tires are superior for traction, handling, and stopping. They grip the road and give a feeling of confidence and safety. I’ve never experienced such sure winter driving. Expensive but well worth it for peace of mind and safety!

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Absolutely worth the cost

becky9496 • 2 years ago

I've run these tires on my 2017 VW Tiguan for a season and they're incredible. Very happy with my purchase and would absolutely purchase them again! Gives me much more confidence driving in snowy/icy conditions

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Excellent winter tire for my FWD RV

Akadvt • 2 years ago

Been using the R16” tires for 4 winters now on our promaster chasis RV in Anchorage, Alaska. We been able to drive everywhere, including ice, deep snow, and even icy/snowy hills!!! Buy this tires!!

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I have a Question?

KNOSBIGD • 3 years ago

Could I use them all year round ? And if so what is their projected longevity?

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So worth the extra money

NHJMC • 3 years ago

SO glad I spent the extra $180 on these R3 Hawks OMG these tires are bad a**! Running a brand new set of 4 on a 2018 Toyota Corolla SE (front wheel drive) and this Dec. we got a nor'easter a real nor'easter.....42" of snow overnight and my car went just fine threw it and up hills, down hills, only issue was couldn't see because there was so much snow on the roads then got to interstate and it was closed or would of made the 32 mile drive (each way) to work. I've lived in New England my entire life and have had MANY brands of winter tires but the Hakappelitta R3's are BY FAR the best tire out there. On dry pavement they are great as well. As usual took a few days to get used to driving around with winter tires on but the road noise is very minimal and I do 80mph no problem on interstate with these tires (when dry pavement of course). I can't talk these tires up enough they really are amazing.

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GeorgeTodd • 3 years ago

In the past I have bought Bridgeststone Blizzaks WS90 and Extreme WinterContact from Continental. I can say that these Hakkapelitta tires are THE BEST out there. I now have full confidence in driving my new front wheel drive crossover suv. I did a lot of research but I kept coming back to this brand. I am so glad I did.

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Believe what you hear!

Chi • 3 years ago

I needed winter tires for my SUV and have heard great things about Nokian Hakkapeliittas online through videos, forums and word of mouth. Most people who have had them swear by them so I decided to give them a try and see what the hype was about. On dry and wet roads they are quiet and smooth and composed during cornering; I didn’t notice a difference from my all seasons which was quite impressive. I was able to test them in about 5-10 cm of snow on unplowed city streets and icy, slushy highways and the car felt stable, “like it was on rails” as others have stated. The tires pliers through everything it encountered. Braking and cornering was superb as well, I barely noticed any slippage or sliding and the ABS never kicked in once. These tires have given me confidence during the winter season and I can understand why people rave about these tires. A little plus is that they look meaty and have a cool tread pattern. Highly recommend!

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As Good as it gets

trabskcir • 3 years ago

third set, all have been on MBZ GL SUV's, we live in two extreme's, Las Vegas Very Hot and Very Dry, 640 miles (10hrs) through Utah to Jackson, Wyo, mountains, snow and in-between can be both, I-15 is mostly a 80mph speed limit and I am now running the tires 12 months a year, (today August 17th) it is 113 degrees and I am running snow tires? and I might add with no problem, they even gain less temp on the high speed runs than my normal Michelins 2 lbs gain verse 5 lb gain for the Michelins, very pleased with the NOKIAN HAKKAPELIITTA's

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Exceeded my expectations

redcarrera • 4 years ago

I purchased the R3 SUV's for my Mercedes GLS450 during the snowy Colorado winter of 2019-2020. It has been dumping in the mountains and my previous Duratracs were half worn, noisy & noticeably losing grip on the snow. What a difference! The RS3's are quiet & surefooted on cold, dry pavement and confidence-inspiring on snow packed mountain passes. I hope they wear as well as they perform.

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Excellent Snow Tire

SargeOfNY • 4 years ago

I put these (19") tires on my 2012 Lexus Rx450h in Dec 2015, and have them on my car now for their fifth New York (north of NYC) winter. These tires now have approx 26,000 miles on them (about 5000-6000 miles each winter), and the tread depths still look good. However, I noticed that during/after the last snowfall of this current winter season that the tires have lost a little bit of their traction on both the snow and the wet roads once snow began to melt. Even though I know that most would keep them on the car for another winter after this one, I have already decided that I will replace them with the same tire for winter 2020-2021. IMHO, these tires are great for 20,000-25,000 miles. I have no issues with the manner in which they wear, and I always check alignment when putting the snows on the car, and do a wheel alignment when I remove my snows and put my all-seasons on the car (because the all-seasons, currently Michelin Premier LTX, have a tread-warranty). I also rotate every 5000-6000 miles.

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Tire sizes

215/65 R 16 102R XL

max load 1870 lb, up to 106 mph

215/70 R 16 100R

max load 1800 lb, up to 106 mph

235/60 R 16 104R XL

max load 2000 lb, up to 106 mph

245/70 R 16 111R XL

max load 2400 lb, up to 106 mph


Drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles crave an enjoyable, environmentally responsible driving experience. They want a tire that delivers many years of safe and comfortable journeys. Nokian Tyres shares their core values of safety and sustainability, and we’ve built our premium tires to deliver peace of mind in all conditions. Best of all, we sustainably craft innovative year-round driving solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of electric vehicles.


Non-studded Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 winter tire offers much-needed peace of mind in case of a sudden snowstorm or rapidly freezing road surfaces. 

Aramid Sidewall technology

Commercial-grade durability

Aramid Sidewall technology offers a new type of durability and protection for demanding driving conditions. Strong, synthetic Aramid fibers reinforce the tire's sidewall and make it more resistant to impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily break it.


First-class winter grip, more comfortable handling

The different sipes flexibly adapt to all weather variations, offering relentless grip and enjoyably controlled and quiet driving. Biobased Cryo Crystal 3 grip particles have been added to the rubber compound in order to improve grip on ice by grabbing onto the driving surface.


Excellent grip on ice and snow

The multi-faceted Snow Claws found between the tread blocks and shoulder areas create balanced ice and snow grip especially during braking and acceleration.

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