Spain Test Center

Spain Test Center

Legends are created, not born. 

Situated under the hot Spanish sun, our test facility in Santa Cruz de la Zarza hosts a variety of tracks, where all season tires, summer tires and winter tires face demanding driving situations. Those that can take the heat will become part of our journey to a safer world, which began over 100 years ago.


The location in Spain enables year-round testing of all-season and winter tires.


In the 300 hectare area (740 acres) there are several test tracks for dry and wet testing, as well as high-speed oval enabling testing in speeds up to 300 km/h (186 mph).


We research new bio-based materials at the site to enable even more sustainable tire production in the future.

The home of speed

the spain test center is the perfect place for all demanding tire testing. 

The idea behind all of our tire testing is to simulate situations that drivers may encounter on the roads. The versitile tracks and modern equipment of the Spain Test Center enable us to test tires on wet and dry, so that heavy rain or intense heat will not bring you any surprises while driving Nokian Tyres. The crown jewel of the test center, however, is the 7-kilometer-long (about 4.3 miles) high-speed oval track that enables testing at speeds up to, or even exceeding, 300 km/h (186 mph).  

Testing future legends

Thorough testing ensures that our tires work in the best possible way for your safety and comfort.

No Nokian Tyres tire is sent to the roads without vigorous testing, because we know that no amount of computer simulation can correlate real-life driving situations fully. We make sure that we have prepared for every situation and every driving scenario so that you don't have to - you can simply concentrate on enjoying the drive.

Completed in 2021, the Spain Test Center is our third testing facility. It complements our tire testing network, which consists of a 700-hectare (over 1,700 acres) site in Ivalo, Finnish Lapland and a site near our Finnish headquarters in Nokia. All our test centers are investments in innovation, one of our core values to make the world safer.

We test so that you can spend every moment behind the wheel with peace of mind. 

For media

For media

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For your journey

For your journey

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Sustainability is an essential part of our business. For us, it isn’t enough to innovate for better road safety. We also want to make sure that our tires and facilities respect the world we all live in. That is why the Spain Test Center is also a home for many of our sustainability innovations.

High-tech testing to safeguard your journey 

Our story began with tires that were used all year round. To meet the challenges of the tough Finnish winter, we invented the world’s first winter tire in 1934. Ever since those early days, safety has been our main priority. Whatever the season, we want to make sure that you can trust your tires to get you home. 

 state-of-the-art  Spain test center enables year-round testing of our future all season and winter tire legends. The focus of the 300-hectare (740-acre) site is on  all season tires and tires with a high speed rating, but we also test winter tires at the facility to ensure their safety in all conditions.