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How to check your tire size

The size that fits your car is specified as a series of numbers and letters, for example, 205/55 R 16 94 V XL. You can check the right size from the sidewalls of your current tires or your car's registration document.

  1. Width e.g. 205
  2. Height e.g. 55
  3. Rim e.g. 16

Pure Safety

The new Hakkapeliitta R5 EV is a non-studded winter tire for passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs. Designed and developed with environmentally friendly technology, the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV offers maximum safety, comfort and increased range for electric vehicles and hybrids. The best-in-class ice performance is guaranteed by the unique Arctic Grip Crystals while the impressive comfort features come with the Nokian Tyres SilentDrive™ Technology.

  • Pure winter grip and balanced handling
  • Eco-friendly mobility and increased range
  • Ultra-low sound levels with Nokian Tyres SilentDrive™ technology
Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use
Certified braking on icy surfaces
Certified braking on icy surfaces
Suitable for EV cars
Suitable for EV cars
new electriccars
Hakkapeliitta R5 EV

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Tire sizes

215/55 R 18 99R XL SilentDrive

max load 1709 lb, up to 106 mph

235/45 R 18 98T XL SilentDrive

max load 1650 lb, up to 118 mph

235/60 R 18 107R XL SilentDrive

max load 2150 lb, up to 106 mph

215/50 R 19 97R XL SilentDrive

max load 1610 lb, up to 106 mph


High-quality tires bring out the best in powerful electric vehicles. Battery packs inside EV and hybrid vehicles make them heavier and slower to stop than cars with combustion engines. Nokian Tyres products are designed to provide extra grip to compensate for the added weight, providing drivers peace of mind on the road. The right tire should also increase an EV or hybrid vehicle's driving range. Nokian Tyres helps you drive further. We’ve made strides to minimize our tires’ rolling resistance, decreasing the amount of energy needed for each journey. Our products will take your EV or hybrid further with a single charge while minimizing its environmental footprint.

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Winter can be unpredictable and hazardous, but your tires should not. The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R5 EV covers all northern winter conditions and performs predictably on bare, wet, icy and snowy roads. A Double Block Grip design offers superior grip and handling, while excellent ice performance is guaranteed by unique Arctic Grip Crystals. Microscopic crystals work like built-in studs. As the tire wears down, the crystals emerge and activate a grip reserve to help keep you safe on your journeys.


Electric cars are quieter than traditional car models, which makes low rolling noise a question of comfort. Lower noise levels can make the journey more comfortable and less exhausting for the driver. We want drivers to experience serenity inside of the vehicle, while minimizing noise pollution into the environment. Our SilentDrive™ Technology pushes driving comfort to the max: exceptionally low sound levels are achieved by adding a layer of acoustic foam to the inner liner of the tire. The Silent Touch tread design offers comfortable and pleasant rolling thanks to its optimized tread block distribution.


Starting from materials selection, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R5 EV has been designed to leave a smaller carbon footprint. A Green Trace compound offers excellent winter grip, better mileage, and low rolling resistance. To lower the rolling resistance even further, the compound has been specifically optimized for EV use. Natural rubber keeps the compound flexible under all conditions, while low rolling resistance generates fuel savings and cuts down on harmful emissions.

Impeccable ice grip

Arctic Grip Crystals. Microscopic, third-generation grip crystals are mixed in the tread rubber. These crystals work like built-in studs, creating sharp, tough grip edges inside the rubber. As the tire wears down, the crystals emerge and activate a grip reserve.

Superior grip and handling

A Double Block Grip design offers superior grip and handling, which can be seen especially on the shoulder areas of the tire. The stiff row of tread blocks starts from the center and is split in two moving towards the shoulder area. Compared to its predecessor, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R5 EV has an increased amount of tread blocks on the shoulder and intermediate area. This increase means that the contact area has more rubber touching the surface, which results in better grip on slippery surfaces.

Ultimate comfort and silence

SilentDrive™ Technology pushes driving comfort to the max. An exceptionally low sound level is achieved by adding a layer of acoustic foam on the inner liner of the tire. The acoustic foam absorbs resonance from the tire’s air cavity, resulting in lower noise levels and increased driving comfort.

Safe and green mobility

Hakkapeliitta R5 EV is a durable, comfortable and extremely energy efficient winter tire. Lighter rolling saves fuel and extends the range of electric vehicles. Between a lightly rolling tread design and EV-tailored Green Trace compound, the rolling resistance of the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV has been improved even further. Eco-friendly driving features come from ingredients like canola oil, natural rubber, recycled steel, plant derived oils and pine resin. More than one third of the compound consists of renewable and recycled materials.

Patented safety

Our patented Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) is embedded in the tread to further improve safety. It displays the remaining tread in millimeters together with a snowflake symbol. The snowflake remains visible until four millimeters of tread remain. Once the snowflake has worn out, purchasing new winter tires is recommended to help ensure driving stays safe.


Fall in love with Nokian Tyres premium performance in 30 days or swap your tires for another set free of charge, just return the tires along with your original sales receipt to the place of purchase.