Nokian tyres zLine A/S

All season tire designed for fast driving throughout the year

This product has been discontinued. A new version of this product has been released.

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Safety and performance come together with comfort and luxury in the Nokian Tyres zLine A/S, a performance all-season tire

Precise handling capabilities and technology advances ensure the Nokian Tyres zLine A/S will get you where you want to go, as quickly as you want to get there.

Suitable for EV cars
Suitable for EV cars
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zLine A/S

User opinions

Rated 4.4 based on 64 customer reviews

Best tire I have ever had for winter.

Johnrh • 5 months ago

Bought in October of last year and had no problems.

I recommend this product

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Bon pneu

Master pneu • 15 months ago

J’aime bien le pneu il est très performant sauf il cherche à louvoyer quand il y as des fissure sur la chausse et il use asser rapidement. Mais an general je suis très satisfait de ce pneu.

I recommend this product

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Hozer • 20 months ago

Having spent years in the retail tire business, I have had the opportunity to test drive most major brands. I put Nokian Tyres on my 2018 Lincoln Continental and I am extremely pleased with the ride quality and the handing.

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Mon plus silencieux sur une voiture sport

Pierre B. • 2 years ago

Je l'ai acheté il y a un mois et son comportement routier dépasse grandement le Michelin Pilot AS3 sue ma BMW Z3 2002, 3.0I. Beaucoup plus stable sur la route. Beaucoup plus silencieux et confortable la carcasses du flan m'apparait moins rigide, sans influencer la stabilité. J'étais habitué aux pneus hiver et je les adore. Je ne peux pas me prononcer sur l'usure pour l'instant.

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Amazing Performance and Grip

Klondike2124 • 2 years ago

Put them on my Mustang and they handle better than any tires I have tried so far. Almost no tire deformation when cornering which makes it super predictable and comfortable to canyon carve in. I'm not very nice to my tires and they are still wearing great and should still get 50K miles from them.

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Pneu d été très performant et aucune AQUAPLANNING avec ce pneu

Pierre • 2 years ago

J achète seulement des pneus Nokian pour mes véhicules et je suis très satisfait

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Smooth and quiet

Vettehedd • 3 years ago

Purchased for the rear on my Bmw, very smooth ride and much quieter than the Michelin that it took off.

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Incredible all season tires

dc3adk • 3 years ago

I’ve had these tires for about 6500 miles now. Super quiet, great handling, and great wet traction - including snow. Highly recommend. Much better than the Bridgestones, Goodyear, Pirelli, and Cooper all season tires I’ve had before on this car and past cars. I can’t get over how quiet these tires are.

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poor tread life

cea1 • 3 years ago

Purchased these tires new in 5/2019. Drove 12,402 miles one season, and then 7,021 miles the next. Use separate tires in the winter. No racing or aggressive driving. All four tires are worn to the tread bars and need replacement. Tire shop will not warranty the tires, which is absurd. Have always like past Nokian tires, but these were poor.

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Best All Season tires....

LJN658 • 3 years ago

I replaced the worn out Goodyear’s on my 2017 Audi Q5 with a set of Zlines based on the reputation of their Winter tires. What a great tire. I moved from Western NY ( Rochester) where we get a lot of snow, and had a set of Nokians on a previous SUV so I knew how good those were. When it came time (26k miles) to fit new treads to the Q I saw Nokian Zline A/S in the long list of tires available in the Audis size. So I figured I’d give them a try. My only con was I live in Florida now and will they be able to last in the brutal summer heat. I had them installed and could have been happier. Here I get torrential rainforest 3-4 months and that was my main concern. Not to worry .... they got to the pavement no matter how much rain we were gett( sometimes 3 inches an hr🤷🏼‍♂️) . They handled the wet stuff with aplomb.... I only wish they were available in a NON- XL load range as they were a little louder AND stiffer, which in a performance SUV should be ideal.... it that was my only complaint. Handled better than oem ( which weren’t that bad to compare to begin with) , lane changes and sweep curse were a joy .... unfortunately, I never got to drive back to NY in the winter to test their s ow prowess.....

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Tire sizes

225/45 R 18 95W XL

max load 1520 lb, up to 168 mph

245/45 R 18 100W XL

max load 1800 lb, up to 168 mph

255/40 R 18 99W XL

max load 1709 lb, up to 168 mph

235/35 R 19 91W XL

max load 1356 lb, up to 168 mph

Information area

More safety

The additional fields on the sidewall information area improve safety and comfort. During a tire change, the information area can be used to record the correct inflation pressures, the usage location as well as the tightening torque of the wheel nuts. Correct tire pressure makes the car’s steering more precise, reduces tire damage and saves on fuel costs.

Dynamic Traction Boost Tread Compound

Balanced safety and fuel savings

Tread compound matched for demanding use and higher speeds. The new rubber compound improves wet grip and saves fuel. The functional full silica compound adapts to changes in temperature, resulting in excellent wet grip on every day of the year. Good wear resistance.

Silent Groove Design

More driving comfort

Silent Groove Design is an innovation on the walls of the tire’s longitudinal ribs that improves driving comfort. The hemispherical indentations that resemble the surface of a golf ball control the air flow of the tire. The indentations cut out any sounds induced by the edges of the transverse grooves and prevent any unpleasant howling sounds. The design reduces noise levels both inside and outside the vehicle, which makes driving pleasantly quiet. Silent Groove Design reduces air resistance, which cools the surface of the tire. This improves the wear resistance of the tire and provides the driver with more kilometres.

New tread pattern design

More stability, excellent handling

The stiff outside shoulder stabilises the handling of the rigid tread pattern. The contoured groove corners provide additional support during cornering and lane changes, which allows the tire to maintain a balanced and logical road contact at all times. The 3D siping actively binds the tread blocks together, improving the handling of this high-performance tire.

Comfort Base Compound

Controlled driving comfort

The Comfort Base Compound below the tread surface also softens the impacts during driving, making the tire light and comfortable to drive.

Cooling Edge

Better handling and durability

The diagonal sipes on the shoulder area tread blocks, known as Cooling Edge technology, provide better cooling to the hottest part of the tire, improving both handling and durability.


Clinch rubber compound

Optimised durability, low noise level

The rubber compound presses flexibly against the wheel flange, providing the bead area with more durability. The innovation also successfully minimises interior rolling noise.


Check out the Nokian Tyres zLine A/S Product Information Sheet for technical product specifications such as speed rating, weight, overall diameter and more.



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