Nokian Tyres Dealer Services

Nokian Tyres Dealer Services

Essentials for everyday tire business


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Business insights

Get valuable information, take up-to-date actions

The reinvented Nokian Tyres Dealer Services gives you all the tools for your everyday tire business. You get personal service and support for you and your staff, training and sales materials, as well as all the latest information about the Nokian Tyres product range.

Sales tool

Serve smarter, sell more

Once you’ve tried the Nokian Tyres Dealer Services really fast search, you won’t want to go back to the old way. You can find all the product materials in one view: specifications, key selling points, prices and availability information. And it’s available anytime, anywhere!

Order management

Speed up ordering, save time

The Nokian Tyres Dealer Services ordering process is simple and fast. You can see all your up-to-date prices as well as the availability of the products. With the order history, you can check the status of your orders, no matter how you made them.

Localized marketing material

Attract customers and stand out

Need some help with marketing Nokian Tyres products? We have compiled all the basic materials for you here, ready to use, easy to find. They’re even available in your own language. Get ready to boost your sales!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Nokian Tyres Dealer Services?

The reinvented Nokian Tyres Dealer Services combines in one place all the old services available to the Nokian Tyres B2B customers: Dealer Shop, Product Toolbox and Marketing Toolbox.

In addition, there are many new functions:

  • A new channel for getting personal service, available on any device
  • An exceptionally fast search and order process to make tire ordering quick and easy.
  • All of the customer’s order history in one place, no matter which ordering channel was used.
  • Reliable, up-to-date information on products and their availability.
  • Services and support materials available in six languages.

Haven’t I used something like this before? What’s the difference?

You may be familiar with one of the services previously available to our B2B customers: Dealer Shop, Product Toolbox or Marketing Toolbox. The difference is that with the new services, you have easy access to the functionalities of the old services in one place. For example, when you search for a product, you can order it or get more information on it in the same view. We made it fast and easy to save your time. Contact your sales person today to get access to the new service!