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Tire size 235-75-15

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Nokian Tyres Outpost™ nAT offers supreme traction in all conditions, extreme durability and puncture resistance, and increased service life so drivers can extend their terrain, toughness and travel.

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What does 235/75 R 15 mean?

Tire Marking Explanation
235 This 3-digit number is the width of the tire in millimeters from one sidewall to the other. The width of a tire plays a significant role in terms of stability, handling, and overall performance.
75 The aspect ratio (height to width ratio) is the tire’s height of the sidewall measured from wheel rim to the top of the tread, compared to its width in percentage. A bigger aspect ratio indicates that the tire's sidewall is taller or higher than a tire with a smaller aspect ratio. For example, an aspect ratio of 45 indicates that the sidewall is 45 percent as high as the tire is wide.
R The letter that comes after the aspect ratio, often times "R", refers to the tire’s structure. "R" means that the tire has a radial construction, which is the current industry standard for most tires. Radial construction makes the tire stable, durable, and precise, with better road grip and lower rolling resistance for better gas mileage. Almost all passenger car tires on the market are radial tires.
15 This 2-digit number is the rim diameter, also known as wheel diameter, in inches. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for rim and tire size to help ensure that your tires and rims are safely mounted together (rim/wheel and tire diameters must be the same). Correct mounting ensures safety, proper brake clearance, and optimal tire performance.

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