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At Nokian Tyres, we pride ourselves on being one of the most sustainable tire manufacturers in the world. Electric vehicles are more popular than ever, and we support EV drivers’ pursuit of an environmentally responsible driving experience. We sustainably craft year-round driving solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of electric vehicles. The latest generation of our legendary Hakkapeliitta winter tires, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R5, is the most energy-efficient winter tire ever made. We also offer Rivian all terrain tires: our Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT has fitments available for your electric truck. Read on to learn more about Rivian tire options by Nokian Tyres.


Nokian Tyres offers Rivian tire size options for the Rivian R1T and Rivian R1S. If you are in the market for winter tires, we recommend the latest generation of our legendary Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta products: the non-studded Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV, or the studded Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 10 SUV. If you’re seeking Rivian all terrain tires, our Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT has fitments available for your electric truck. Looking for an all-season tire for your Rivian? Consider the Nokian Tyres One HT

275/65 R20

We do not yet offer size 275/65 R20, but drivers may check in with their local dealer to consider an alternative size of 275/60 R20 in:

If you are looking for increased strength for heavy loads, we offer LT275/65 R 20 in:

275/55 R21

We do not currently offer Rivian tires in 275/55 R21.* Drivers can consider a dedicated set of winter rims that accommodate a current size offering.

*Please check back for future updates from Nokian Tyres on tires for Rivian R1T and tires for Rivian R1S.

275/50 R22

Offered in:

HL275/50 R22


Nokian Tyres crafts energy-efficient tires for drivers who share a passion for our core value of sustainability. Nokian Tyres is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable safety. We even make dedicated EV versions of our newest winter tires, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 10 and R5, although our standard versions of these tires are also designed with electric and hybrid vehicles in mind. Seamless Nokian Tyres ELECTRIC FIT™ compatibility means your electric vehicle is equipped with tires that are designed for high-quality electric driving.

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Nokian Tyres' EV-friendly products are available at retailers throughout North America. Visit our dealer locator to find a tire shop near you.