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With these tires you can take your SUV to the edge – and over it!

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You might think your SUV can conquer any road, but in reality, poor tires can keep you from getting the right levels of performance and comfort out of your vehicle – not only in your daily routine, but also when you put it to the test on tough terrain. Our solution is to reinforce our tires’ sidewalls with tough Aramid fibers. Aramid is an extremely durable fiber that is used, for example, in bulletproof vests. Our Aramid Sidewall technology makes the sidewalls exceptionally durable and resistant to cuts and wear, leading to a smoother ride past potholes and curbs.

No such thing as a bad road 

One of the main reasons to get an SUV is their higher than average ground clearance, so you can drive on roads that are not as smooth as highways. However, driving into a pothole with a low inflation pressure on your tires can quickly lead to severe damage , as the sidewalls are usually the weakest part of the tireOur Aramid Sidewall technology is designed to prevent unrepairable punctures caused by potholes and sharp rocks. 

Curb appeal 

Even if you don’t regularly take your SUV for a spin in the great outdoors, you will probably still park it next to curbs. Hitting a sharp curbstone at a bad angle can be deadly to your tires. But worry not: Aramid Sidewall technology is here to protect!

Check out our selection of Aramid-enforced SUV all-season tires and keep exploring!