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Nokian Tyres Unveils Remedy to Problem Faced by Three in Four North American Drivers

The all-weather Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 offers natural confidence, performance and resilience

DAYTON, Tenn. – Three in four American and Canadian drivers say they feel unsafe driving in winter. Nokian Tyres is introducing a solution for driving anxiety – the sixth generation of its all-weather tire line, the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5.

So-called “all-season tires” are not designed for use in cold or snowy weather. All-weather tires like the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 are a true four-season option certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem. They’re suitable for use in snow and slush, not just rain and heat. Nokian Tyres introduced the first all-weather passenger tire in North America 25 years ago.

“All-weather tires are a true four-season driving solution for drivers who visit winter or have winter visit them,” said Nokian Tyres North America Director of Products Steve Bourassa. “Unlike all-season tires, the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 is built to withstand moderate winter weather without sacrificing safety in other seasons.”

Many drivers are unaware that all-season tires are not built for snow, slush or temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). In a YouGov survey* of drivers in the U.S. and Canada:

  • Only 30 percent of Americans correctly named the biggest advantage of year-round all-weather tires – safety in winter – versus all-season tires
  • 74 percent of North American all-season tire drivers say they feel unsafe driving in winter at least a few times each year
  • Nearly half of drivers in the U.S. and Canada say they stayed home to avoid driving in winter weather at least once last winter

True to its name, the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 is built to cure that problem for drivers who experience unpredictable winter weather and want a true 12-month driving option. The Remedy WRG5 carries the three-peak mountain snowflake that certifies it is designed for winter roads. It offers Natural Confidence, Natural Performance and Natural Resilience in heat, rain, snow and slush.

Natural Confidence

The Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 offers strong year-round traction that lets drivers Forget the Forecast. Its responsive rubber compound maintains softness even in frigid weather, and its tread design is engineered to grip the road regardless of surface conditions.

Natural Performance

The Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 lets North American drivers experience Natural Performance even when inclement precipitation tries to interfere. Its asymmetrical tread pattern allows it to seamlessly carve through snow, rain and slush while maintaining a comfortable ride when roads are dry.

Natural Resilience

For the first time, Nokian Tyres has infused puncture-resistant Aramid fibers in all sizes of an all-weather passenger tire, giving the entire Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 a Pothole Protection warranty that offers drivers total peace of mind.

The Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 is crafted to be durable – it comes with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles or 100,000 kilometers. And the tire reinforces Nokian Tyres’ commitment to sustainable driving: It is marked with Nokian Tyres’ ELECTRIC FIT™ symbol that indicates it is a seamless fit for electric vehicles.

Built for passenger vehicles, SUVs and crossovers, the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 is the latest product offering from Nokian Tyres’ award-winning North American factory in Dayton, Tennessee, which is reaching full capacity of as many as four million all-season and all-weather tires per year in 2024.

The Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 will be available this spring in tire shops in the U.S. and Canada, in more than 70 sizes between 15 and 20 inches. The tire is exclusively sold in North America.

To learn more about the new all-weather Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5, visit NokianTires.com/Remedy.

*According to a third-party survey of more than 1,000 drivers in the U.S. and Canada, conducted in April 2022 by YouGov, on Nokian Tyres’ behalf