Forget boring -- here are 3 great summer road trips

Summer is a time for new experiences and fun. From the East to West Coast, there are endless opportunities for adventure. Not sure where to start? Here are our top three road trips for every traveler.

1. For the Hikers: Angeles Crest Highway, California

Just outside of Los Angeles exists another world along the Angeles Crest Highway. The journey offers an offbeat experience for those seeking adventure in the City of Angels. Take the road less traveled (literally) and forge your own path hiking through the San Gabriel Mountains.

Running through Angeles National Park, the scenic roads provide breathtaking views and unique opportunities for nature lovers. The surrounding trees and wildlife make it difficult to believe you’re just miles away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hiking trails are sprinkled throughout the route with varying levels of difficulty.

In the early stages of the trip, travelers can take the two-mile-long trek to Switzer Falls, where you can take a dip in the pool or hot springs. There are multiple campgrounds and lodging options along the route.

In addition to getting up-close-and-personal with a large variety of flora and fauna, one can gain a fresh perspective at the Mount Wilson Observatory. Peeking through the 100-inch Hooker Telescope, it’s exhilarating to see LA in a whole new light.

With countless species of plants and animals, there’s always something to discover. Though the historic rocks of the mountains are a sight to behold, erosion is constant. Fallen rocks are common on the road, making durable tires a necessity. With tough Aramid technology, the all terrain Nokian Tyres Outpost can withstand the pressures of the journey. It even comes with Pothole Protection.

Nokian Tyres Outpost Family
The rugged Nokian Tyres Outpost family helps drivers extend their adventures.

2. For the Animal-Lovers: Seward Highway, Alaska

Seeking excitement? Find it in Alaska. Along the Seward Highway, nature fans are likely to spot a wide range of creatures, including eagles, moose, and even muskrats. There is no better, or safer, way to get close to these animals. Beginning in Anchorage, one can choose from a variety of wildlife conservatories. Just down the road is Beluga Point, where the white whales swim and splash in Turnagain Arm, the body of water opposite the highway. Alaska is the only U.S. state with wild, native beluga whales, making this a can’t-miss stop.

Even while on the road, encounters are virtually guaranteed. Throughout the duration of the drive, be on the lookout for Dall sheep perched on the mountainsides. Temperatures drop at the Exit Glacier, the only road-accessible glacier located in Seward. Boat trips on the fjords allow visitors to observe seals and bears.

While summer in Seward is always beautiful, the weather is not. Visitors must be prepared for spontaneous light snow flurries or rain. When temperatures drop near the glaciers, roads become icy and dicey. It’s a great place to take our all weather tires, which are suitable for year-round use and approved for winter conditions.

Nokian Tyres WR G4
All-weather tires are certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake that signifies they are equipped to perform in wintry conditions.

3. For Beach Bums: Overseas Highway, Key West

Key West is a perfect destination for anyone dreaming of a tropical getaway. Driving over the bridges connecting the islands to the mainland is an ocean-lover’s dream. Cruising above the water, there’s no shortage of opportunities to stop, shop, dine, and marvel at the clear sea. While drivers look ahead, passengers can watch out the window as fish weave in and out of coral reefs.

No matter what island you choose, there is no shortage of experiences, making boredom an outlandish concept. Whether fishing, parasailing, or swimming with dolphins, there’s something for everyone. The excitement continues on the land with the Key West Nature Conservatory, Sea Turtle Hospital, and lighthouse. And at the end of the islands sits the large buoy marking the southernmost point of the United States, just 90 miles from Cuba.

Though worthwhile, the journey is long, and summer is the rainy season in the sunshine state. With large amounts of rainfall, the highway becomes slick. Travelers must plan accordingly, to be prepared for the hot and wet conditions.

Regardless of where you travel, the Nokian Tyres One can get you there safely. With exceptional grip, strong tread, and durable material, your adventure is limited only to your imagination. The question isn’t where can you go, but where will you go?

As you plan your summer travel, check out our Dealer Locator. It’ll help you find the right place to buy safe, sustainable Nokian Tyres products – and you can bookmark the page in case you need to find a tire shop along your route.

Nokian Tyres One
The Nokian Tyres One is a versatile all-season tire that performs well in areas like the Florida Keys.

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