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The size that fits your car is specified as a series of numbers and letters, for example, 205/55 R 16 94 V XL. You can check the right size from the sidewalls of your current tires or your car's registration document.

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Premium all season tire for pick up trucks and SUVs

Are you looking for the Nokian Tyres One passenger car all season tire?

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Nokian Tyres One HT is a rugged and long-lasting all season tire tailored to the needs of North American drivers. Designed to perform safely and precisely in all conditions, the tire is built to provide reliable grip, stability and handling on dry, wet and slick roads. The tread design enhances cornering and grip, while Nokian Tyres' Aramid Technology resists cuts and punctures by road hazards. LT-versions also include an innovative feature: Aramid Tough Shield, which reinforces the tire's tread to provide even greater protection.

  • The One for safety: Excellent grip in all conditions
  • The One for toughness: Pothole protection thanks to Aramid Technology
  • The One for you: Designed with the pick up truck driver in mind
  • P-Metric › 70,000 mile / 115,000 km Treadwear Limited Warranty
  • LT-Metric & Cargo › 55,000 mile / 90,000 km Treadwear Limited Warranty
Suitable for EV cars
Suitable for EV cars
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One HT

User opinions

Rated 5 based on 6 customer reviews

Better traction than the OEM tires

SkipEJay • 20 months ago

I've been happy with the traction I have with the Nokian Tyres One HT tires on my 2016 GMC Canyon 2WD. Nokian Tyres are not as well known or advertised as much as the big-name tire makers in my area but the price point was great for these so I decided to give them a try. Even when brand new, the OEM Goodyear Fortitudes would easily spin on wet pavement. So far, the Nokian Tyres have been great on wet pavement with minimal spinning and lots of grip. I was able to try them out in a surprise, early November, 5-inch snow here in southern Illinois and they had good traction in slushy, wet snow with minimal spinning. The tires are slightly noisier on dry pavement than the OEM tires and mpg since having them installed is down about 1 mpg over the first 1,000 miles. I was disappointed that the tire shop said these tires took quite a bit of weight to balance out and I still have a slight vibration after 2 trips back, so I'll have them check again when they get rotated. The other disappointment is that with all the hype around the new factory and tires being produced in TN, my tires were made overseas.

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Full time travel around USA

BalboaLandYacht • 22 months ago

I bought the One HT tires in Moab, Utah. I have run these tires in all sorts of conditions, from Utah desert and dirt forest roads, to Nevada highways (Route 50), across California in 108 degree heat, and then up the winding California, Oregon and Washington coasts. These tires are on a 50 year old one ton Chevy G30 RV, and ride is better, crosswinds are more manageable, and a bonus, quiet ride, excellent wear. We're on Instagram @balboalandyacht .

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In a world by itself! The BEST!!!

MNWILDFANS • 2 years ago

I have a 2015 Escalade and put this tire on when they first were available. That turned out to be a great decision. They are by far the best truck tire ever made for a vehicle like mine. The ride is awesome, traction is amazing and they wear great - 40k and still plenty of tread left. I am purchasing a new vehicle and had to make sure this tire was available. I will have 4 brand new 275/60R20 tires for sale the day after I take delivery and replace them with new Nokian Tyres. Down side is they cost a little bit more than most but you get what you pay for in the end.

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Researched out several tires and made the best choice on these

spirited driving experience • 2 years ago

I live in the mid west and would be what you call a spirited driver. I have 400 HP and I use everyone of them. When my factory good for about a year tires were getting sloppy on wet roads and scary on snow I decided to upgrade. I was quite lucky I purchased the tires and three days later we had an 18 inch snow. I was quite surprised how well the HT's gripped on the drive home in the snow. In fact one of the hills I have to climb literally had the exact same truck as mine and it was stuck. My truck eased around and up the hill with very little slip while the other truck was spinning all over the place trying to climb it. I have pulled trailers with UTV's and Snowmobiles through the switchbacks in Colorado with no issue what so ever. The tires just do what I need and do it with a smooth ride and little road noise. They are pretty impressive even with about 23k on the tires there is still a lot of life left on them. I like Nokian Tyres enough I talked my sister into a set of Nokian Rotiiva ATs for her Ram 2500 but that is a different review.

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Much better than Goodyear Wrangler AT/S

Damon1500 • 2 years ago

I live in Northern Maine and wanted a tire for my Silverado 1500 that I could use all 4 seasons. The Goodyears Wrangler AT/S tires that were on the truck when I bought it were very unimpressive. On slushy and snowy roads I felt I did not have control. I went to my local dealer originally to buy Continental Terran Contacts, but they were not available. My shop is a Nokian dealer, and I do have Nokian Ones on my wife's mini van, and my son's Corolla S, and they run nice. I just didn't know if I wanted the truck version of the One on my Silverado. Well the dealer convinced me that I would like the tire. After driving on them for a few weeks on everything from dry to snow / slush covered roads I can honestly say they are performing way above my expectations. With the Wrangler tires I felt like I needed to be in 4 wheel drive high just when traveling on slushy roads. If I left it in two wheel I felt a little out of control, and like I had no grip. The tires still had good tread mind you, at least 60-65%. On The second day with the new Nokian One HT tire I was driving on Route 95 in Northern Maine when a crazy snow squall came up and snow covered the road quickly, not one time did I feel like I needed to put the truck into 4 wheel high, I felt glued to the road. Since then I have driven on wet, slushy and snow covered roads with the same confidence, and never have put the truck into 4 high. Another benefit I have found is when pulling away from a stop on slushy snowy roads I hardly ever spin my tires. I couldn't have said that about the Wranglers. I have also enjoyed the highway driving, very smooth and fairly quite. All and all I am very impressed with these, and If I can manage to get 50,000 miles or so on them even better.

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Fantastic Tire

Vinaard • 3 years ago

We've had some Nokian Tyres in the past and had really good experiences. My F-150 OE tires were at the end of life so I decided to go with this new model. I've only driven 1,000 miles on them so far but they are quieter, smoother, and the truck feels much more planted than it ever did with the stock Michelins. I recommend this brand to everyone and no one seems to no about them in the USA. I'm excited to see how they do in Winter as the OE's were terrible from mile one here in North Dakota. Nokian Tyres for the Win!!

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Tire sizes

185/60 R 15 C 94/92T

max load 1480 lb, up to 118 mph

205/65 R 15 C 102/100T

max load 1870 lb, up to 118 mph

195/75 R 16 C 107/105S

max load 2150 lb, up to 112 mph

225/75 R 16 C 121/120R

max load 3200 lb, up to 106 mph

Nokian Tyres is pleased to offer three sizes of the Nokian Tyres One HT for cargo van applications.
Sizes marked with “C” above are commercial tire fitments, for use on cargo vehicles capable of carrying heavy loads.

Excellent grip in all conditions

The Nokian Tyres One HT is a premium, long-lasting and rugged all season tire crafted for back roads and daily urban driving. Designed to perform safely and precisely in all conditions North American drivers are likely to face, the tire is built to provide reliable grip, stability and handling on dry, wet and slick roads.

Rigorous testing around the globe

For more than 30 years, we have tested our products in the Finnish Lapland – the White Hell. The Nokian Tyres One HT is a result of rigorous testing around the globe, from arctic winter to the backroads of South Africa, across the heat of Texas, mountains of Utah and urban downtowns of California. What does rigorous testing like this actually mean?

Looking for technical specifications?

Check out the Nokian Tyres One HT Product Information Sheet for technical product specifications such as speed rating, weight, overall diameter and more.


Aramid Tough Shield

Protects the tire from cuts and punctures

This technology protects the tire from cuts and punctures, providing reinforcement for rough roads. Aramid Sidewall technology is reinforced with Aramid fibers in the tread area, providing a puncture-resistant shield to protect the tire from road hazards.

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Extremely durable Aramid fibers form the basis of two innovations. Strong Aramid fibers are added to the sidewall compound to provide more durability and cut resistance. With the LT-metric versions of the tire the Aramid Sidewall technology is reinforced with Aramid fibers in the tread area, providing a puncture-resistant shield to protect the tire from road hazards. This is what we call Aramid Tough Shield.

Peace of mind in every moment

Tires aren't just a necessity. Sure, they give us peace of mind by making sure we get to our destinations safely. But they also help us appreciate the world around us. Whether you're embarking on your daily commute or exploring excitement off the beaten path, you need to be able to rely on your tires.

When you're enjoying beautiful sunny days, it's easy to forget the slippery driveways and rain-soaked roads your tires also need to master. Crafted to meet the demands of North American roads, the Nokian Tyres One HT provides safer performance for the moments you need them the most: stronger grip on wet roads, a tailored tread to maximize comfort, and even winter properties that help navigate mild snow and ice.


Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles crave a quiet, enjoyable, environmentally responsible driving experience. They want a tire with low rolling resistance that delivers years of safe and comfortable journeys. Nokian Tyres shares their core values of safety and sustainability, and we’ve built our premium, energy-efficient tires to deliver peace of mind in all conditions. We sustainably craft innovative year-round driving solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of EVs.

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The Nokian Tyres One HT is designed to perform safely and precisely in spring rain and summer heat. The tire is built to provide reliable grip, stability and handling on dry, wet and slick roads. It's also equipped with winter properties that help navigate mild snow and ice.


The Nokian Tyres One HT features Aramid Sidewall technology which offers sturdy protection from potholes and other obstacles encountered in daily urban driving and on rough terrain. Aramid fibers strengthen the Nokian Tyres One HT’s sidewall to provide durability and cut resistance. To prevent unnecessary harm, the Nokian Tyres One HT also comes with stone ejectors at the bottom of the tire’s grooves.


A lot of things go into Nokian Tyres' products, but sometimes it’s about what doesn’t go in that matters. Our tires are produced with environmentally safe materials, in state-of-the-art facilities that minimize waste and emissions -- for us and for the generations to come.


We don't only craft tires that last for thousands of miles, we craft tires that perform in the moments when you need them the most. Nokian Tyres One HT is carefully designed with pick up truck drivers in mind.

all season or all weather tires?

What's the difference between all season tires and all weather tires, and which type is safest for your needs and climate conditions? Our Tire Buying Guide will steer you in the right direction!


Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Guarantee means you’ll love your new tires!

If, within 30 days of purchase, you’re not satisfied with their performance, just return the tires along with your original sales receipt to the place of purchase.