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Peace of mind for winter work

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Peace of mind for winter work

The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 winter tire offers exceptional winter grip and driving stability combined with strong structure and superb durability. Designed for demanding winter use, the Hakkapeliitta LT3 is reliable and safe on icy roads and snow-covered worksites alike. Available factory studded or non-studded.

Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use
Suitable for EV cars
Suitable for EV cars
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Hakkapeliitta LT3

User opinions

Rated 4.7 based on 30 customer reviews

Best tire ever, but..

A.Lequin • 7 months ago

Third winter in northern part of Quebec. 315/70r17 studded on my lifted Gladiator. Incredible bite on sheer ice. Behave like any other on powdery ice. Absolutely love them, but would REALLLLLY like to have a set in 37x12.5r17. So many people in the off-road community would get a set.

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Incredible Winter Tire For Pickup Trucks

d3adk • 10 months ago

I ran these all last winter and they are phenomenal. I think in the pickup truck world so many people think a good all terrain will get you through winter just fine, but I can guarantee those people have never driven on a true winter tire. With the rear end of pickup trucks being so light it's almost a requirement I think. I ran KO2s in past and their snow performance was mediocre at best. These LT3's blow the KO2s out of the water. I can stop on a dime on the snow, rarely have the rear end slip. And they're perfect for driving down unplowed back roads. Throw the truck in 4 High and it will go almost anywhere in deep snow with these tires.

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Best winter tire I've used.

CalgaryJeeper • 18 months ago

I've had these for two winters in Alberta, Canada and they are fantastic. Excellent in deep snow, great in the wet and truly class leading when temps drop below -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit). Surprisingly quiet for a studded tire. I will purchase another set of these when they wear out (still above 80% wear remaining).

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Best winter tire for trucks

Jason • 19 months ago

Bought these tires for my Silverado 1500. Pot holes on the highway left multiple people stranded; I hit one BAD, but not even a bit of damage to the tire. The armor on the tires are worth having for sure. Tires are really good for the most dangerous highway in the world: the Coquihalla Highway. I do not think there is anything better.

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Traction et Stabilité

XKP • 2 years ago

Hakkapeliitta LTE3 clouté (LT285/70-R17)installés sur un RAM 1500 pour hiver 2021/22.Je fais beaucoup d'autoroute et chemin provincial. La traction en 2x4 est surprenante et en mode 4x4 c'est très stable ,je roule en confiance. De loin le meilleur pneu que j'ai eu.

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In Canada a Must

Darrell Prince • 2 years ago

Had the LT2's on the truck I purchased. Loved them so much I bought LT3's. I drive a Ford E250 that is heavily loaded with sheet metal often. No other tire I've used is so well built. Heavy duty tires. I have so much peace of mind knowing that the can handle the weight. I gave my old LT2's to my brother and he is loving them. Even with 50% tread. I don't find them noisy at all. The rooster tail behind me when I drive is hilarious. Snow just getting chewed.. I'll be driving Nokian Tyres till I die. Getting the wife a pair as well. Summer I'll buy the new Outpost AT. We get lots of snow here and these LT3's are unstoppable. Worth every penny.

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Exceptional tire

LT3 Chevy • 2 years ago

I've bought studded Hakkapeliitta's and LT2 tires and now LT3 tires. All of these tires are the best studded winter tires I've ever used and have saved my life. I trust the studded Hakkapeliitta's enough to put them on our family vehicle with our kids in it and they've never let us down. I have used the LT2 tires and although they were really good they did lose studs BUT the LT3 tires have been much better with no stud loss, they are mounted on my 2021 Chev 3500 diesel. I hunt in the mountains on icy roads with these tires and they've outperformed other brands that I've tried in the past. I think these are an extremely safe tire that will significantly reduce overall risk during winter driving.

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These tires cut through the snow!

MTPOSEY • 3 years ago

Very quiet despite being studded version compared to other studded snow tires I’ve had for my Jeep Wrangler. Incredible traction

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Best Winter Ice/Snow Tire Ever

WinterF1 • 3 years ago

40 years of winter driving in Montana and North Dakota - 80 mph Interstate to off-road. Best tire we have ever used on snow and ice-covered roads both at highway speed and city streets. They go on every vehicle we have, every winter. Work equally well on Heavy SUV, 1 ton 4x4 pickup and 20 year old Honda Accord - plows through 4 inches of fresh snow on top of ice covered streets- no problem. No other tires come close.

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These are hands down the best!

Milward1 • 4 years ago

In the past have had Bridgestone Blizzaks, which are great. Not available for my Raptor. Bought the LT3 and they are amazing! They out perform my wife's Landcruiser with Blizzaks. Black ice, deep snow? No problem. I live in incline village Nevada, with tons of snow and mountain passes. Will change out my wife's Blizzaks for the LT3!! Who knew these are the best tires made!!!

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Tire sizes

LT225/75 R 16 115/112Q

max load 2679 lb, up to 100 mph

LT235/85 R 16 120/116Q

max load 3100 lb, up to 100 mph

LT245/75 R 16 120/116Q

max load 3100 lb, up to 100 mph

LT265/75 R 16 119/116Q

max load 3000 lb, up to 100 mph


Designed for demanding winter use, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 is reliable and safe on icy roads and snow-covered worksites alike.

Aramid Sidewall technology

Commercial-grade durability

Aramid Sidewall technology offers a new type of durability and protection for demanding driving conditions. Strong, synthetic Aramid fibers reinforce the tire's sidewall and make it more resistant to impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily break it.

Arctic Grip compound

Strength for heavy loads

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 comes with a strong and durable LT body structure, which actively manages high wheel loads precisely and safely. The great durability is complemented by an extremely tear- and cut-resistant tread compound. Developed specifically for heavy-duty use, the Arctic Grip compound offers excellent mileage, cut resistance and durability.

Aggressive tread pattern

More traction and slushplaning resistance

The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 is designed to tackle even the most extreme winter conditions safely and reliably. For heavy vehicles, traction is especially crucial. The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3's new aggressive tread pattern confidently removes snow and slush between the tire and the road. The design of the tread center improves stability and steering response, while tailored siping offers excellent traction and cornering grip.

Arctic stud concept

Winter safety through first-class technology

The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 is made for heavy 4X4’s and pickup trucks and is the perfect companion for plowing roads or towing a trailer during the cold winter months. Nokian Tyres’ new Arctic stud concept consists of an entirely new stud model and body material built to enhance durability amidst heavy use and winter conditions. The stylish stainless steel studs are corrosion resistant, so the tire is able to withstand salted road conditions longer.


Check out the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta LT3 Product Information Sheet for technical product specifications such as speed rating, weight, overall diameter and more.



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