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The hills are alive year-round!

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Summer activities at ski resorts are just as fun as winter sports

Do you enjoy pushing your limits on the ski slopes? Even when the snow melts, you can still test your limits at ski resorts. Many of them are open year-round and offer a variety of activities for outdoor explorers. 

Downhill biking is not just for daredevils 

If you’re a bit of a speed demon, you can try out your skills in downhill biking! This slightly more exotic version of mountain biking has become a summer season staple at many ski resorts. And while it sounds like a hobby for daredevils, there are different difficulty levels, just like in downhill skiing – hills for newbies and hills for more advanced bikers. The best part is that quite often you don’t have to ride up the hill, just down! Just like in the winter with skiing, the ski lift will take you and your bike all the way to the top! 

Many resorts offer lessons for first timers and rent out the necessary equipment, so you won’t have to invest before you try it out. A special bike is needed, along with a full-face helmet and body armor for safety. You’ll be flying down the hills in no time! 

Get to those nature trails safely 

Most resorts are located in beautiful settings, where there are nature trails all over the place. But the road there probably isn’t entirely as smooth as highways. With our tires, you can drive just as safely on those small mountain roads as you do on the streets of your hometown. That way, instead of spending all your focus on getting there, you can go hiking and take those gorgeous snaps for Instagram and still have the energy to enjoy all the services the resort has to offer.