Tire maintenance - Inspection

When inspecting your tires, including the spare, check the air pressures. If the pressure check indicates that one of your tires has lost pressure of two pounds or more, look for signs of penetration, valve leakage or wheel damage that may account for the air loss.
Always look for bulges, cracks, cuts, penetrations, and abnormal tire wear, particularly on the edges of the tire tread, which may be caused by misalignment or underinflation. If any such damage is found, the tire must be inspected by a Nokian Tyres retailer as soon as possible. Use of a damaged tire could result in tire destruction.
All tires will wear out faster when subjected to high speeds, hard cornering, rapid starts, sudden stops, frequent driving on roads that are in poor condition, and off road use. Roads with holes and rocks or other objects can damage tires and cause misalignment of your vehicle. When driving on such roads, drive carefully and slowly, and before driving again at normal or highway speeds, examine your tires for any damage, such as cuts, bulges, penetrations, unusual wear patterns, etc.