Why This Driver Says He's Our Biggest Fan

Dennis Dwyer lives in the Adirondacks, where winter weather doesn’t mess around.  

“The roads get pretty gnarly in the winter,” he tells us on this month’s Nokian Tyres Journey Podcast. “Snowstorms come out of nowhere because we get the lake-effect [snow] off Lake Ontario.” 

When it comes to winter driving, Dennis doesn’t mess around either. In fact, he calls himself our biggest fan. 

“I have all my family on Hakkapeliitta winter tires,” he says. “With the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta, there really is no snow day.” 

A white vehicle on a snowy forest road with a sunset in the background
Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 
winter tires.

Dwyer works in sales and lives in a remote area of upstate New York, where the most convenient grocery store is an hour away. Our winter tires have instilled confidence that he can endure his daily routine no matter the weather. 

“You can go through anything,” says Dwyer. “There’s no calling into work because of a snowstorm. You can get anywhere you need to go in all weather. That’s why it’s the tire of choice.” 

Dwyer’s trust in Nokian Tyres products doesn’t stop there. Since discovering our tires in 2017, his appreciation of our company has extended to all-season and all-terrain tires, too. 

“I was so pleased with the winter performance, that I wanted to try” Nokian Tyres’ all-season and all-terrain tires, Dwyer says. “The thing about Nokian Tyres is…they err on the side of safety and efficiency. I took the chance, I bought some all-seasons and Outposts and so far I’m very pleased.” 

The upper half of a mud-covered Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT
Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT 
all terrain tires.

Dwyer estimates he has bought – or persuaded friends and family to buy – at least a dozen sets of Nokian Tyres products. And, he says, it’s only the beginning. 

“I’ve been driving Nokian Tyres for years now, and it’s the main tire I’ll choose going forward.” 

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