Our promise to American drivers

From sea to shining sea, you want to ride with pride. And that means driving tires that are as strong as the spirit of the open road. Our promise to North American drivers is that we will make safe, sustainable tires at our factory in Dayton, Tennessee – tires that will help you embrace the freedom of your journey. 

Whether you’re navigating the winding mountains of the West or bustling cities of the East, Nokian Tyres is here to add comfort to the beauty of your drive. We’re devoted to bringing you stability no matter where the adventure takes you.  

The Nokian Tyres promise of safety and sustainability extends to our campus in Dayton, Tennessee. We’ve been manfacturing tires in the United States since 2019. At our award-wining Dayton Factory, we make all-season and all-weather tires that we exclusively sell here in North America.  

Nokian Tyres' Dayton Factory
Nokian Tyres' North American factory is located in Dayton, Tennessee, USA.

And we don’t just have a responsibility to North American drivers, but to workers here, too. Right here on American soil, over 400 Nokian Tyres employees contribute to manufacturing high quality, trustworthy tires that are good for the environment and driver. A majority of our tires fall in the category of the lowest rolling resistance, reducing carbon emissions and fuel costs. Despite being one of the most eco-friendly tire manufacturers in the world, we believe sustainability goes beyond the environment. It’s building confidence in our ability to continue supporting our workforce and consumers. 

Nokian Tyres Dayton Factory Team Member
A team member at the Dayton Factory works diligently to help manufacture safe tires for North American drivers.

Nokian Tyres is always looking down the road, searching for ways to improve. Our innovative spirit embodies the American dream, striving to build a better future for you and our nation. Nokian Tyres is proud to provide you with top of the line products you can feel good about driving. Our tires uphold your freedom on the road, providing durable Aramid technology and pothole protection. No matter where the road takes you, Nokian Tyres is along for the ride. With exceptional grip and tread, we’re prepared to empower your drive and support your journey. From coast to coast, you can let the spirit of adventure fuel you.  

Nokian Tyres is in it for the long-haul, growing our team and presence in the U.S. As we expand our Dayton facility, we dig our roots deeper in American soil, bringing jobs and security to the community. The development will double the number of tires products as we welcome 125 new employees. Nokian Tyres is proud to invest in our future in the United States, providing drivers and workers with satisfaction and confidence.  

Nokian Tyres is committed to enhancing your drive with products you can believe in. We’re here to support you on every journey, providing you with tires you can trust, and a driving experience you'll love.  

Visit our Dealer Locator Page to find a Nokian Tyres carrier and find the perfect tire for you and your journey.  

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