Charge up your experience: What drivers of electric vehicles need to know

Electric vehicles are driving the charge toward a greener future. When considering their impact on carbon emissions, one aspect of their design is overlooked: tires. The right set can make all the difference. At Nokian Tyres, we know what EVs need and what their drivers want. Here are some things you may need to know before flipping the switch and going electric.

Optimizing Charge and Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, electric vehicles are known for being a recommended choice. Unlike gas-powered vehicles , EVs have no tailpipe emissions. But that doesn’t mean they have no carbon footprint. No car can escape the carbon emissions of rolling resistance, the amount of energy needed to propel you down the road. But the right tire can help lower your rolling resistance, minimizing emissions and costs. More than 90 percent of Nokian Tyres products fall in the lowest category of rolling resistance, taking your charge and dollar farther. 

Nokian Tyres One
The Nokian Tyres One all season tire offers low rolling resistance so drivers can minimize emissions – and fuel costs.

Soft, Silent Strength

The loudest engines aren’t always the fastest. Electric motors are silent speed demons, charged with power. They’re built to provide exciting acceleration without sacrificing comfort. In a flash, you can go from 0 to 50, leaving conventional cars in the dust. You need tires with the tread to support the high speeds of electric vehicles, bringing a sense of adventure and security to your journey. The right wheels will keep you feeling safe without the sound, reinforcing the already quiet motor of EVs. Low-noise tires make it easier to relax and enjoy your journey. Read a review from EV early-adopter Steve Marsh, who decided to switch out the original equipment (OE) tires on his Tesla Model 3 for the Nokian Tyres One. After putting Nokian Tyres on his Tesla, not only was his ride quieter and more comfortable, but he also found results in added range and efficiency savings thanks to his decision to swap wheels.

Nokian Tyres One
The Nokian Tyres One is also known for its low rolling noise, an added benefit for all drivers - especially those driving EVs.

Heavyweight Champs

Jam-packed with supreme elements and innovation, the weight of being so revolutionary adds up. The batteries of EVs pack on the pounds, making them heavier than traditional vehicles. This means they require more braking distance. You need tires with optimum grip and strength, ensuring total comfort and satisfaction.

Think Tires

Electric vehicles require tires that can support their weight and torque while minimizing rolling resistance and cabin noise. The goal is to provide the best on-the-road experience, increasing efficiency and range while handling the heavier loads caused by electric vehicles’ battery packs. We’re ahead of the game there: Nokian Tyres has long incorporated these features into our products, paving the way to a cleaner industry and world. Though our Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 10 EV and Hakkapeliitta R5 EV winter tires are specially crafted for electric vehicles and come with noise-dampening acoustic foam, even our non-EV-specific products can meet these demands. More than 90 percent of our tires are in the lowest categories of rolling resistance, which helps EV drivers extend their range. Find your EV on our list of recommended Nokian Tyres products for electric cars.

Nokian Tyres Tesla Tires
Wondering which tires by Nokian Tyres would be best for your Tesla? Find out here.

A Leader in Sustainability

Nokian Tyres is proud to be an industry leader in sustainability. We prioritized eco-friendly materials and practices when it was still an afterthought for many tiremakers, and we continue to operate at the forefront of the sustainability space. Nokian Tyres was the first tire company to eliminate harmful high-aromatic oils from our rubber compounds. Our Dayton Factory is the only production facility in the industry to earn LEED v4 Silver certification. And now, we’re working on a tire that will consist of 50 percent renewable and recycled materials by 2030.

In other words, Nokian Tyres loves making tires for drivers who share our core value of sustainability. If we want to keep credibly making that claim, we need to meet the needs of EV drivers as effectively as anyone else in the tire world. By making sturdy, quiet tires with low rolling resistance, we’re on the road to EV success.

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