Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 Review - straight from the tire shop

Tire Dealer: ‘This Tire Is Better Than Any You’ve Ever Had’

Tire Factory Sales Manager Pat Howley doesn’t just sell Nokian Tyres products to his customers in Michigan. He has also drives our all weather tires on his own car.

“We’ve been with Nokian Tyres for years and years,” says the 14-year Tire Factory veteran. “I’ve had just about every [tire] on my own vehicle. Each generation, you see how much better it gets.”

Now that Nokian Tyres is introducing our sixth-generation all-weather tire, the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5, he’s eager to tell consumers in Michigan about it. Why? Because it’s a true four-season driving solution built not just for rain and heat, but also snow and slush. It’s a true year-round Remedy for driving in unpredictable North American weather.

“A lot of people don’t want to commit to the time, effort and cost of having two sets of tires. They want easy,” says Howley. “That’s where all weather tires come in. In moderate snow, the difference between all season and all weather is night and day. Not only is this better than what you have,” he tells drivers, “but it’s better than what you’ve ever had.”

Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5: what makes the tire durable?

Howley also likes the Remedy WRG5’s durability. All versions of the tire come with Pothole Protection thanks to puncture-resistant Aramid fibers embedded in the sidewalls – the same material used in protective vests.

“Our roads are notoriously bad…you go right from winter season into pothole season,” says Pat. “Having that Pothole Protection is something the customers like.”

It’s all part of Nokian Tyres’ relentless commitment to innovation. We test our tires in the Finnish Arctic and Spanish desert so we can deliver Natural Versatility for all conditions.

“That’s one of the great things about Nokian Tyres,” Pat says. “They don’t just throw out a new [tire] for fun, they make sure there are improvements each step. That makes it easier when you’re talking to the customer.”

Why should drivers make the Remedy WRG5 a priority?

“Because it answers their needs all year long,” Howley says. “If that freak snowstorm [comes] in October or May, you’re ready for it…but you’re not compromising the rest of the year. It’s a high-performance tire even without needing winter capabilities.”

“It gives the customers the best of both worlds, and it’s something you can sell year-round,” he concludes. “Each model is better than the previous, because that’s what Nokian Tyres does.”

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