"The Apple of Tires" -- One Tire Dealer's Passion for Our Products and Purpose

From Jason Williams, Chief Strategy Officer at Jack Williams Tire in Pennsylvania

We’re a third-generation family business. My grandfather, Jack Williams, founded it in 1929. Our biggest philosophy is doing things the right way, “the Williams way.”

Jack Williams Tire has 39 shop and 11 warehouses in Pennsylvania
Jack Williams Tire has 39 shops and 11 warehouses in Pennsylvania

For a true tire family, whenever somebody talks about a tire it’s a good thing. A lot of people don’t appreciate the job of a tire in the safety and performance of their vehicles. Of all the brands and tires I’ve sold over the years, Nokian Tyres is hands down the one that someone will go out of their way and talk to you about.

Friends ask me, “What’s the inside scoop of the tire business? What tires do you recommend to your family and friends?” Nokian Tyres always comes up. I explain to friends and our new associates that they’re like the Apple of tires – it’s a cool, niche brand. They’re purposeful, they perform and they’re very unique. It’s a brand of passionate people who build products that perform for a reason – it’s not just to look cool. People joke, “Don’t ask Jason what type of tires he wants,” because I go on and on about the Nokian Tyres product.

Since I was very little, every year we’d have the whole crew from Nokian Tyres coming in this time of year doing product seminars. I think that education and experience is what helped make Nokian Tyres the dominant winter tire in everybody’s minds. All the different things Nokian has accomplished and innovated on over the years, there’s so much to talk to customers about.

We talk about Nokian Tyres as a cult brand in our markets. Once you’re in the know, you become very loyal to it because the products are purposefully designed, and the people who do it are passionate. They’re trying to bring a greater purpose to how their tires are designed, how they perform and all the different innovations they’ve done over time.

Over the years, we’ve built a niche following of Nokian Tyres fans – people who drive their cars hard and want them to perform the way they should. They’re always wanting the latest and greatest product out there. With the storied history of Nokian Tyres and their innovations, I’m especially excited about the EV version of the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 10.

Nokian Tyres has continued to reinvent and push boundaries. We feel that we’re an innovative company, as well. Fourth quarter is game time here in Pennsylvania. We’re excited and very optimistic.