Hear what it's like to spend the summer with Nokian Tyres

The search for the perfect internship isn’t easy. In fact, it’s pretty terrifying. You never know what to expect. Between scrolling LinkedIn postings and sending out resumes, the tire industry never crossed my mind. But when I came across Nokian Tyres, I was drawn to their values and reputation. I knew nothing about tires, but the more I learned about the company, the more excited I got. The opportunity was too good to pass up — and I’m glad I didn’t. As a first time intern and tire advocate, I didn’t know what to expect. Reminiscing on my summer with Nokian Tyres, it’s obvious how valuable my experience was. Here’s what I learned.

Nokian Tyres Intern Hope Valenti
Hope Valenti wears her Nokian Tyres credentials in the hills of Dayton, Tennessee near the companys North American factory.

All Tires Aren’t Created Equal

Before this summer, I never thought about tires. At all. They move your car down the road and that’s it, right? Wrong. Gone are my days of indifference towards tires. Now I can’t help but inwardly criticize tire choices. A habit I never thought I would develop. But I’ve come to recognize them as one of the most important parts of a drive. They can make or break your adventure, and one size doesn’t fit all. Your perfect tire depends on your journey. Where, how, and when you drive all influence your best match. Choosing the wrong type or size can prove dangerous and ruin the experience. Likewise, a good set can maximize your enjoyment, bringing you peace of mind while lowering costs and carbon emissions. Knowing what to look for in a tire will improve my journeys for years to come.

The Beauty is in the Details

When it comes to tire manufacturing, every detail matters. From the source to the finished product, there exists a fine line between good and great. Even the smallest flaw can jeopardize the promise of perfection. The level of attention I witnessed in every aspect of Nokian Tyres made clear to me just how much the company and its employees care, not only about the brand they represent, but the people they serve. On the assembly line, every inch of each individual tire is carefully examined. In the media, every word is analyzed for honesty and clarity.

Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT
Our latest all terrain tires: Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT.

There’s Always Room for Mistakes

As an intern, I had no idea what I was doing. Even with constant guidance and support, mistakes are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad. Every critique presents a new opportunity to grow. I think I learned the most from making messes and watching others clean them up. Even on the production side, there’s a positive outlook on imperfections. While flawed tires were not ideal, they were never wasted. They always got the chance to start again and become great. Even products that didn’t meet Nokian Tyres’ high standards were recycled, living up to the promise of safety and sustainability.

It’s Easy to Work For a Company You Believe In

Honestly, I was terrified that Nokian Tyres really was too good to be true. I worried that all the good they advertised was a facade. As someone who hates lying, public relations probably isn’t the best career path. But I lucked out with Nokian Tyres. It turns out that marketing is easy if you’re telling the truth. I quickly learned that their messages aren’t just taglines. I wasn’t sure that I could write about tires with genuine enthusiasm, but Nokian Tyres made it easy. I developed a passion for their products. The more research I did, the more I grew to love my job. Witnessing their safety and sustainability efforts first hand made clear how much the company cares about the planet as a whole. Their promises of reliability and innovation are real.

Journey to a safer world
Solar panel inspection at Nokian Tyres' factory in Nokia, Finland.

To reach the end of the road is bittersweet. My adventure with Nokian Tyres has been more than rubber and roads. I’m excited to bring my newfound knowledge back to class with me, but it’s hard to say goodbye to such an invaluable company and experience. The more time I spent with Nokian Tyres, the more proud I felt to work for them. This summer was better than I ever could have expected, and I have loved every second of this beautiful journey.

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