People Are Talking About Our New All-Weather Tire

Last month’s virtual launch of the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 started a robust conversation about all-weather tires that reached drivers and tire dealers throughout North America.  

Do you know what all-weather tires are, and how they’re different from all-season tires? Let one of America’s most popular automotive publications tell you. 

Car and Driver explained that Nokian Tyres “has combined its winter and all-season tire technology to produce a suitable option for heat and heavy rain or snow, promising to handle conditions all-seasons won't.”  

All-season tire compounds harden at 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) and become less effective. And their tread patterns aren’t designed to navigate snow, ice or slush. On the contrary, all-weather tires are crafted to serve as a true four-season driving solution for drivers who visit winter or see winter visit them.  

And some writers are hoping drivers start paying attention to this emerging type of tire, which Nokian Tyres invented 24 years ago. 

The Truth About Cars asked whether this was the year “all-weather tires hit the mainstream.” Says reporter Matthew Guy, “This writer thinks all-weather tires will help immensely. Now, if only we can get other drivers to pay attention.” 

Which drivers should pay attention? Anyone who lives in areas with unpredictable winter weather. If snow and ice are sustained or extreme where you live, a dedicated winter tire is still the best option. If you live far enough south, all-season tires will probably get you through the winter just fine.  

But drivers who live near mountains, travel north during the winter months or want to be prepared for sudden blasts of inclement weather will find all-weather tires like the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 to be a great four-season compromise option. 

The same goes for anyone in wintry locales who wants to drive one set of tires year-round. For them, all-season tires are truly just three-season tires and should NOT be driven in winter. 

Want to learn more about all-weather tires? After the Remedy WRG5’s launch, there’s plenty of coverage from which to pick. 

Tire Business featured insight from one of the tire’s key developers, Product Development Manager Leo Hillman. And if you’d like to learn how these tires are helping us contribute to the community, media in the Chattanooga area covered the impact of Nokian Tyres’ growth on the Southeast Tennessee economy. 

The list goes on. Here’s the point: People are talking about all-weather tires, perhaps more than they ever have been. This presents a valuable opportunity for you to consider whether they’re the right fit for your four-season driving needs. 

We believe our new all-weather tire is the Remedy for four-season driving in North America. And we’re gratified to see others talking about that solution. 

To find a set of Nokian Tyres all-weather tires, visit our Dealer Locator and head to a tire shop near you. 

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