From Here, For Here: Meet the Tires at Our North American Factory

Driving conditions in the U.S. and Canada are challenging. We’re here to help a record number of North American drivers meet those challenges where the rubber meets the road.

Nokian Tyres just announced the completion of a five-year ramp-up process at our North American factory in Dayton, Tennessee. That means millions of tires per year are flowing from our award-winning campus to tire shops near you.

Why are we making more tires here than ever? Because North American roads are unique, and drivers here deserve tires that are tailored to the challenges they face every day. Here in the U.S. and Canada, we face unpredictable weather, searing heat, diverse terrain, extreme altitude changes and…well…other drivers who may not share our core value of safety.

Those challenges demand tires that are up to the task.

So, what tires are we making at our Dayton Factory, which has won awards and certifications for its sustainability, quality, and workplace culture? Here’s a quick look at the all season, all weather and all terrain tires that come from our North American factory.

Nokian Tyres' North American Factory - Dayton, Tennessee

Safety for All Seasons

A majority of drivers in the United States and Canada drive all season tires. They’re popular because they balance safety, performance and durability in most road conditions (just don’t drive them in snow or ice).

Our top-selling all season tire has quickly become a staple in North America – the Nokian Tyres One. This tire is for drivers of passenger vehicles, and its counterpart, the Nokian Tyres One HT, is a highway-terrain tire for pickups and SUVs. We make the One and One HT in Dayton.

The One is built for safety and toughness. Its tread compound is formulated to withstand the unique rigors of American and Canadian roads, helping avoid hydroplaning and withstand heat. And its sidewalls are infused with Aramid fibers, which help resist punctures and blowouts on our notoriously rough roads.

With a sturdy treadlife warranty, drivers can enjoy these benefits for years. The Nokian Tyres One  boasts a 80,000 mile / 130,000 km treadwear limited warranty, whereas the One HT boasts a 70,000 mile / 115,000 km for P-metric sizes and 55,000 mile / 90,000 km for LT-metric & Cargo sizes. Just ask this Nebraska tire dealer who uses the Nokian Tyres One to chase storms.

Nokian Tyres One

Forget the Forecast

If you visit winter or winter visits you, it’s time to kick things up a notch from a standard all season tire. That’s where all weather tires come into play.

All weather tires are a remedy for year-round driving. They’re certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake that indicates they’re built for winter. But they’re also versatile enough to thrive in rain and heat.

Nokian Tyres invented the all weather passenger tire and introduced our sixth generation in 2024, the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5. Every size of this tire comes from our Dayton Factory.

The Remedy WRG5 provides natural versatility for all weather conditions. Its snowflake-rated rubber compound gives drivers natural confidence in snowy weather. Its asymmetrical tread pattern enables natural performance – smooth handling and effective braking. And the Remedy offers an efficient, resilient drive that maximizes fuel mileage and EV range.

Taking On All Terrain

When we talk about delivering peace of mind in all conditions, we aren’t just talking about the weather. We’re also talking about the roads.

Roads in the U.S. and Canada are notorious for their potholes. That’s especially true in areas that experience wide temperature fluctuations in winter – looking at you, Quebec and Colorado! They’re the most recent winners of our Worst Roads in North America contest.

Our all terrain tires, the Nokian Tyres Outpost Family, come with a pothole protection warranty. When they roll from our Dayton Factory, they’re strong enough to take on the toughest roads – or off-road conditions!

Deep tread. Aramid-reinforced sidewalls (and in some cases, tread belts too). Rugged design. The Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT and APT help drivers extend their toughness, terrain and travel.

Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT

Whatever your driving needs may be, our Dayton Factory has a tire for you. Looking for long tread life? We make the Nokian Tyres One and One HT. Need year-round versatility? We’ve got the Remedy WRG5. Need ultimate toughness for rough terrain? Extend your adventures with the Outpost.

When it comes to the needs of North American drivers, all roads lead to Dayton, Tennessee.

To find your North American driving solution, visit our dealer locator and find a shop near you.

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