Growth and Community: Meet the People at Our North American Factory

Shift Production Supervisor Justin Pritchett has a wide-ranging role at Nokian Tyres’ North American factory in Dayton, Tennessee, and it has expanded over the years.

“I started as a production operator," says Justin. "I was fortunate enough to get promoted to a team lead position and from there [to] production supervisor.”

Pritchett is one of many team members who have taken advantage of career advancement opportunities to grow at Nokian Tyres. Stockman Carrie Dotson believes so passionately in her colleagues’ professional development that she serves as a mentor to growing employees.

“I have a passion to teach people to be better than I am,” says Dotson. “I like becoming the best, but then it's my goal to make them even better than I was.”

Dotson and Pritchett’s career journeys parallel the progress of the Dayton Factory, which started with 60 launch team members in 2019 and has grown to a 475-employee, four-shift operation where we plan to double production in 2024.

“As my own journey has grown along the way, I've also watched the company grow,” he says. “This plant wasn't here two decades ago when I was growing up in the community. Watching it grow and the opportunities it's provided for the community…I have friends in here that I knew in high school, and I have family members who work here as well.”

For Carrie, the factory team is a great blend of personal and professional, career and community.

“I don't live far from here, and I was really excited there were opportunities opening up so close to my home," she says. “I feel valued, important and appreciated.”

It all boils down to impact. Pritchett, Dotson and their colleagues have a chance to grow their influence at a company seeking to expand its presence in Southeast Tennessee and throughout North America. And the journey has only just begun.

“It's done more for me than I could have ever imagined, and it's done more for our community than I could have ever hoped for," says Justin. “And we’re only just getting started.”

Dotson tells the story in four words:

“It’s a beautiful journey.”

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